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Valorama is a German-Finnish company for quality media productions in Finland and on international level. The main studio in Cable Factory Helsinki was founded 2019 by awarded artist and photographer Jakob Johannsen from Germany, who came 2012 as photo designer with Erasmus to Finland to study nordic photographic art. Now Valorama is working with a crew of unique marketing artists from Finland and abroad.

Our team of photographers and videographers guarantees for brilliant quality and reliable work resource with quick deliveries. We always come dressed according to occasion and our customers appreciate our work standards and joyful ambition.
Valorama tailors professional photographic productions from event marketing photography and videography, over company portraits and press reports to aerial video and promo clips. We effectively enhance online presence and increase corporate social media appearance. Further we do architecture photography and artwork documentation as well as product photography and individual portraits.
The passion for aerial perspectives led Valorama to become a licensed expert company for aerial media using the newest technology for aerial video clips and photography, combining year long experience with a vision for visual future.
Valorama's main studio is located at Cable Factory Helsinki. Commissions in Finland and Germany are implemented by a dynamic media team for all sizes of projects.


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